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Rock Opera Updates

The Illumin8tors’ big show at Mao last Thursday went really well.  Here’s a few pics:


Sun Dude, Emperor Yao, Wu Gang, Moon Lady and Chang-E singing Chang-E Takes the Pill

Wu Gang, Moon Lady, HouYi, Chang-E, The Queen Mother of the West, The Cassia Tree

Wu Gang, Moon Lady, HouYi, Chang-E, The Queen Mother of the West, The Cassia Tree performing the finale - The Moon Always Comes Around

The Cassia Tree

The Cassia Tree performing Cassia Tree

Xiao Zhong of Pairs fame was good enough to record a few songs on his infamous camera. He has uploaded it to tudou – check it out here. The songs are the end of Climbing the Stairs, a brief interlude, Cassia Tree and Allende (Houyi has it) featuring Jamalla.

So the good news is that if you missed the show last week, or if you saw it and just can’t get enough, we’re doing it all again this Friday at Dclub on Changyang Lu in Yangpu Qu. And we’ll be filming the show for posterity and a DVD release. So if you’d like to be immooooooortalised , come on down and dress to impress. Before you freak out at the distances involved in getting there, I read somewhere that if you show them your taxi receipt for 40RMB or more, they’ll give you a free drink for your troubles. It’s also very close to Dalian Lu station on line 4 – google maps link here. And that’s not all – we will be joined by the extra awesome DJ Global Ruckus from Portland, Oregon. This is his soundcloud. And here’s a killer set he did a couple of months ago in Sydney, Australia.
Dialectic Radio 180 feat GlobalRuckus (Portland) LIVE at Uber Lingua Sydney by uberlingua

He plays crazy, eclectic shit from all over the world and really brings the party.

dclub flyer ruckus edit small

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