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Ni Howdy, Shanghailanders

You might have heard that luwanrock is relocating to Jakarta soon. Pondokrock? Lombokrock?

Anyway, part of the process is unloading some books. If you see something you want, leave me a comment and I’ll invite you over for a pickup or organise some suitable alternative. 1 free beer per person per visit*

There are some real gems in there and it’s hard to part with some of them. Eco, Irving, Murakami, Chabon, DBC Pierre, Easton Ellis . . .

Anyway, here’s the list:


First Name


Adichie Chimamando Half of a Yellow Sun
Ajami Fouad The Dream Palace of the Arabs
Akunin Boris The Winter Queen
Allende Isabel Ines of My Soul
Alvarez Julia In the Time of the Butterflies
Amis Martin London Fields
Arenas Reinaldo Singing From the Well
Austen Jane Emma
Bolana Roberto The Savage Detectives
Bradbury Ray Classic Stories Vol 1
Brende Eric Better Off: Flipping the Swith on Technology
Brooks Geraldine Year of Wonders
Burroughs Augusten Possible Side Effects
Carey Peter My Life as a Fake
Chabon Michael The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay
Chang Raymond Speaking of Chinese
Chang Jung Wild Swans
Chen Da Colours of the Mountain
Collins Nancy Angels on Fire
Conrad Joseph Heart of Darkness
Conrad Joseph Lord Jim
Coupland Douglas Hey Nostradamus!
Coupland Douglas Life After God
Coupland Douglas Jpod
Desai Anita Fasting, Feasting
Diamond Jared Collapse
Durrell Lawrence Justine
Eco Umberto Baudolino
Eggers Dave The Best American Non-Required Reading 2007
Ellis Brett Easton Lunar Park
Erickson Barbara Tibet: Abode of the Gods, Pearl of the Motherland
Evans Nicholas The Horse Whisperer
Fenby Jonathan Modern China
Flaubert Gustave Madame Bovary
Gladwell Malcolm Blink
Gray John Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Greenfield Susan The Quest For Meaning in the 21st Century
Gruen Sara Water for Elephants
Haase Hella The Tea Lords
Hahn Emily No Hurry To Get Home
Harris Joanne Five Quarters of the Orange
Hartung William How Much Are You Making on the War, Daddy?
Hellenga Robert The Sixteen Pleasures
Hoffman Alice Illumination
Hopkins Jerry Asian Aphrodisiacs
Hosseini Khaled Kite Runner
Hua Yu Brothers
Hustvedt Siri The Sorrows of an American
Irving John A Son of the Circus
Irving John The World According to Garp
Jacobson Howard Coming From Behind
Kerouac Jack On the Road
Kingsolver Barbara The Lacuna
Kluger Jeffrey Simplexity
Krakauer Jon Into The Wild
Krauss Nicole The History of Love
Kristoff Nicholas China Wakes: The Struggle for the Soul of a Rising Power
Kundera Milan The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Lama Dalai The Universe in a Single Atom
Lamb Cathy Julia’s Chocolates
Larsson Stieg The Girl Who Played With Fire
Levitt Steven Freakonomics
Lohr Robert Secrets of the Chess Machine
Marquez Gabriel Garcie One Hundred Years of Solitude
Mayes Frances Under the Tuscan Sun
McCourt Frank Angela’s Ashes
McEwan Ian Amsterdam
McGregor Jon If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things
Miller Henry Tropic of Cancer
Murakami Haruki South of the Border, West of the Sun
Murakami Haruki After Dark
Murakami Haruki Norweigian Wood
Murakami Haruki Kafka on the Shore
Niffenegger Audrey The Time Traveller’s Wife
Obama Barack The Audacity of Hope
Orwell George Burmese Days
Patchett Ann Truth and Beauty
Pierre DBC Ludmilla’s Broken English
Pirsig Robert Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Roy Arundhati The God of Small Things
Rushdie Salman The Enchantress of Florence
Safran Foer Jonathan Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
See Lisa Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Setterfield Diane The Thirteenth
Smith Zadie White Teeth
Smith Wilbur The Seventh Scroll
Steward Ian Nature’s Numbers
Swarup Vikas Slumdog Millionaire
Tolle Eckhart A New Earth
Twain Mark A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
Ung Loung First They Killed My Father
Vergese Abraham Cutting For Stone
Walls Jeanette The Glass Castle
Welsh Irvine The Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs
Modern Chinese: Beginner’s Course
A Chinese Dictionary



Toshi’s Goodbye Bash

Seriously, can you believe Toshi is leaving Shanghai? He’s been here longer than me and finally after all these years, that’s saying something.

He’s putting on one last big bash with all of his bands playing. So that includes me in the Macaronians.

It’s gonna be a Sunday afternoon affair so get down to YYT at 3.30 this Sunday. Word on the street is that your 20 RMB door charge will get you a free beer which usually costs 20 kuai anyway.

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Anyone Can Learn to Count in Chinese – Death to Giants


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Two more notches on the belt

Luwanrock is very proud to have two albums pass through the studio and out to you these past few days.

Friend or Foe had a great launch for their new remix album on Friday night at 390. As well as FoF there were great sets by some other contributors to the album:

Kaobang is a spirited French duo who do a wicked brand of electro pop and a fun stage show. They are responsible for a remix cover of Almost Too Much.

iAmalam , made up of regulars Ryan Baird and Nick Muzyczka (from The Song Dynasty) plus ring-ins Heidi Wohrle and Yam Aquino did a stunning 35 minute version of their remix, Lie to Me. They crossed genres, time signatures and general boundaries of decency and they made it through unscathed. Spectacular.

Death to Ponies features three contributors to the remix album – Nichols aka Renmin Beats (Excessive Touching) on bass, Ivan Belcic (no remix) on drums and The Horses (Burnt Out Buildings and Crazy Eye, and producers of the original Claw album) on synths and screaming. Wicked stuff.

I also contributed one track to the album and I mastered it.

Listen/buy the album here.

Friend or Foe also have a new website that looks pretty sweet.



Scene favourites Rainbow Danger Club also release a new EP today. It’s called Into the Cellar. In typical style it transports you to another world, this time it’s under the sea as RDC takes you on a journey to Atlantis. But it’s so much more too – it’s lo-fi, it’s beautiful. In short, if you don’t know these guys, you should. They’re really very good.

Album mastered by me and available here.


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Booshkabash Student Band Competition and DW Drum Off

The Booshkabash is on again this year. And this year there is the added extra awesome of a student band competition and a “drum-off”.

I know that all four of my readers are teachers. So if you have any students at your school who want to win stuff, get their entries in real soon. Make the music teachers at your school aware of this. It’s a seriously awesome thing they’re doing. Entry is 80 kuai per band. Cover bands, originals, all are welcome. As are solo artistes.

Prize for the band competition is 6 hours in DB studios.

Prize for the drum competition is a DW drumkit.

Download entry forms and more details here (a pdf). Booshkabaash website.


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Mongol Arts and Culture Fest


The Mongol Arts and Culture Festival is on at Yuyintang tomorrow night. It’s being put on by Shanghai’s Mr. Mongolia, DJ BO.

Get on down for a mind-blowing night of . . . (you guessed it) Mongolian Arts and Culture. There’s milk tea and milk candy, some live music from Inner and Real Mongolia. You could compare and contrast and write a paper on the differences between the musics of the two Mongolias if you felt like it. There will be Mongolian art and even a Mongolian game involving sheep bones.

Full info on banbook:



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Farewell to my favourite streaming music and downloads site RIP


More here, here and here.

I tried logging in and downloading my playlist but all I got was this (translated):  ”According to local laws, regulations and policies, some of the songs were not”.

How’s that, Xiao Zhong?




A public service announcement from our good friends at Friend or Foe:

Friend or Foe has found a new Bill to kill and are ramping up for some fall action.

To celebrate the arrival of our future prey, we would like to invite you to a little warmup gig at the new and improved Beedees this Friday, September 14th. The action kicks off around 10 pm, but feel free to come a bit earlier for a beer and chat. We’ll be playing most of the hits, plus a couple newbies. Would love to see you there.

Other news:

Copies of the 2011 album “My Claw is Never Limp!!!” along with many other gems from the Shanghai scene are available at Inferno Bar (480 Yongjia Lu near Yueyang Lu).

You can also download the album at (no minimum donation).

Friend or Foe is also getting closer to releasing the remix version of the album, entitled “What Have You Done to My Claw!?!?!?” It features production work by The Ponies, Luwan Rock, Wu Mao (Nickles), Super Ayi Cleaning Team (Caution & Heatwolves!), LON, Kaobang, Thruoutin, and more! Look for a proper release and party for that in the coming months.

Check out Luwan Rock’s badass remix of “Smith & Wesson” as a taste.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[If you want to download it, copy and paste this address into your browser and press ctrl + S:]

We will be rocking with a few of our favorite Guangxi ren at the end of this month, then getting back to prepare our second full-length, tentatively titled “Shanghai Degenerate”.

But, yeah, come out this Friday at Beedees. 10 PM. Follow us on Weibo ( for more news and childish antics.

End transmission.

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Stegosaurus? New Album Release Show

I’m very excited about this one, and not just for the free grub. Ever since I finished that little rock opera project a few months ago, I’ve been working reasonably hard on two albums from Stegosaurus? The first, an album of B-sides, was released last month and is available here.

The second release in as many months is the main album, Purple Pachyderm. You may remember that their first album had a whopping fifteen tracks on it. This album is somewhat easier to digest, with only ten tracks (though the B-sides record has eight tracks, meaning I’ve still been working hard for the money). Bass player, Bren, has been writing a lot more and his songs are great. Personal favourites off the new disc are Yao Chi Liang and Monkey Island. Come down to the show, get a CD and see what you think.

Here’s what the lads have to say about it:

Venue: Yuyintang, 851 Kaixuan Lu

Time: August 17, 2012, 21:00

The time has come once again for a crazy, fun filled, stomach filled CD release show from Stegosaurus?! Named after Les Claypool’s famous wine, Purple Pachyderm will see the light of YYT after two painful years of delivery and labor. Come for the FREE CD, FREE New York Style pizza and maybe a hint of Purple Pachyderm wine. Come early for the refreshments. Wine and Pizza will go quick! Support from Dragon Pizza. 40 Yuan.

Album details:


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